Our Story

The Atomic Beliveaus Story

The actual story of how the band came together is boring.  So here is a bit of info on each of the members!

Ted Mokren – Drums & Percussion
Ted combines the rhythmic influences of Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr with the work ethic of the great defensemen Doug Harvey and Eddie Shore. He is the stay-at-home, song-serving drummer, providing tasty grooves and driving the Atomic Beliveaus game.
Rui Resendes – Guitar & Vocals
“Doctor Guitar” hails from the Azores, so knows squat about hockey. When asked to choose a hockey player that best represented his musical style, his response was “Babe Ruth.” Active in Kingston’s music scene for many years with The Great Unwashed, Rui’s talents include songwriting, bass playing and comic collecting.
Joe Silvaggio – Guitar & Vocals
The combination of Ry Cooder’s and Maurice Richard’s genes, “Tremelo Joe” favours finesse in his playing – but isn’t afraid of hitting hard. Performing also with The Deltanos and The Radio Cosmonauts, Joe brings a touch of Americana into our Canadiana with his playing and writing.
Ian Davis - Bass & Banter
The man in the back, shouting encouragement. This bass player is the Punch Imlach of the band, with the hat to prove it. Once involved in Toronto’s Celtic scenes, he resurfaced as a kids’ rockabilly performer before moving onto writing instro-rock. He was voted the band’s optimist, but the title was later retracted.